Sunday, September 9, 2012

Knowing Little


I have been a "teacher" for just over four years. I used quotations because my colleagues, for whom I have the utmost respect, are "real" teachers with students of their own, as classroom, Title or SPED teachers. They discuss the rationale behind the strategies and will quite often quote the theorists behind the strategies. My time in the educational world has been spent more on the tech side. I became the bridge between the technicians, who often didn't speak English - just tech-ease, and the teachers who were overwhelmed by the demands and complexities of technology. I learned both sides from observation and by "doing." I saw the success some teachers had with their classes and, after some practice, used some of those strategies myself. What I did not know was why they did what they did. So...
  • why did they choose that style of learning, i.e. constructivism, multiple intelligences, project based learning?
  • were they choosing that strategy because of the dynamics of the class?
  • was it a different style compared to what they had done previously?
  • how did they shape their practice for differentiation purposes?

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