Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rethinking Learning

As I troll the Internet, looking for just the right resources for my mini-course, I'm struck by just how many times I've sidetracked and followed links to other oh, so fascinating articles and videos that are not actually going to help me in my quest for resources. If I would stick to the assignment I've given myself, I would make progress on my project. Instead I'm here, there, and everywhere with the information I find. Then, of course, it's too good not to share so I immediately put it in my blog (like now), email it to a friend, share it on a website... and I wonder why my project is taking so long to get going.

1 comment:

  1. Sally, Yes, I do that as well. Click on one site, find twenty or one hundred more interesting...not necessary better, but more interesting. Imagine a student with attention "issues" and all that information jumping out of the screen? My young 4-5 graders love to type their writing on the computers, and proceed to change type size, colors, etc....and eventually get their one paragraph started. But wow, I love doing internet all so out there! Now get back to your project......oh, I need to do that too! Mike B.