Sunday, May 25, 2014

"Come out to the coast"

I"m a huge fan of action thrillers that have some humor to them - the action keeps me awake and the humor reminds how improbable the adventure is. "Die Hard" is one of those movies. At one point, our hero, John McClane, reminisces about the invitation that put him in his current precarious position: "Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs..." The invitation made it sound so simple and yet life became incredibly complicated once he arrived in California.

After I saw the movie, I began using that quote for anything that sounded simple and ended up becoming complicated or involved. I found this to be the case with the "job guides" I'm creating. I created a couple for Instructional Design and plan on using these with my Capstone project. I created them in January and March and since that was a while ago, I've forgotten how long it took me to create them. I also underestimated the complexity of trying to explain Minecraft in a guide. What I do know is that I've absorbed a lot of knowledge about the game from watching students, playing the game myself, and researching different aspects on the Minecraft wiki and YouTube. I thought I could save other learners a little time by sharing these tips. The guides will certainly save folks time but they have become time consuming and more complicated as I go along. Why I suddenly decided to do these guides, considering I didn't include them in the "Deliverables," remains a mystery. Must I always tweak everything?

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