Friday, June 6, 2014

Doing it Right

In the Web Design and Instructional Design classes, we created a number of videos. After trial and more than a few errors, I learned that I needed to write the script for videos. I found that if I didn't have a script, I hesitated, went off on some tangent, threw in extra words and made other random mistakes. I was trying to save time but in so doing, I wasted time.

I learned a lesson and now it's paying off. I've created a number of tutorials for my Capstone and I have
taken the time to write scripts for each one. I don't have a printer attached to this laptop so now I'm actually writing on paper - and I have a callus on my finger (haven't seen that in a while!). I've found that smaller slips of paper work better than a large legal pad - I don't lose my place so often. I've decided that chunking my script works better for me and I have less do-overs. Using transitions when I put the screencasts together keeps it from seeming so choppy. I also try not to be overly "chatty" on my scripts because of my experiences listening to other tutorials. I find I become impatient waiting for the narrator to get to the information I need. Am I successful? I hope so... At least I'm not saying spontaneous "stupid stuff" like I used to say.

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